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Timeshare Rental Guest FAQ's

Q: Can I also do my own rentals?

A: Yes, We work on a non-exclusive relationship. So we only charge a commission on booking dates we procure for you. Take your own bookings elsewhere and you owe us nothing on those dates.

Q: Can I make reservations with this website?

A: Our website is not a Manager, Owner or Agent. We don't arrange the actual bookings. We are an advertising listing service where members of the Vacation Rental Association ( can list their homes. Those members take care of all the details and that is who you work with to reserve a home. All you have to do is use the inquiry form on the website or telephone the advertiser.

Q: Can I still Exchange dates if I also rent my timeshare condo through you?

A: Absolutely. You can put weeks into the rental program at any time and - so long as they have not yet rented - you can remove them for exchange. Of course, once a guest has signed up to use the dates that booking was be honored. It can not then be cancelled.

Q: Can we bring a trailer or camper to the property?

A: Unless otherwise specified in your booking confirmation, properties do not allow trailers or campers due to concerns with occupancy and neighbors.

Q: Do I get more room in a Vacation Rental?

A: Yes of course - the average hotel room is small, but vacation rentals are larger, with kitchens and extra space where you can hang out with your family or friends. Sit in the living room instead of squeezing into the only chair in the room.

Q: Do owners have to worry about guest damage?

A: Not really. Damage at vacation rentals is very rare. At Surfcrest guests must sign for a deposit and are responsible for any charges.

Q: Do owners pay Expedia and other travel agent fees?

A: Yes Expedia, VRBO and other websites charge an extra commission for every rental. But unlike other managers, we actually charge that fee to guests by marking-up the rates. That means owners get the same net rental income.

Q: Do you guarantee my Surfcrest condo will make money?

A: Depends on how you want to do it. To be in the AtTheCrest program we only ask you allow us to rent one week per year. But if you want to allow four or more weeks per year, we will guarantee how much income you make.

Q: How do I start renting my Surfcrest condo?

A: All you have to do is sign-up on the website, or ask for a form. Read the terms and conditions there?

Q: How does the Surfcrest Guaranteed Income program work?

A: Make us your exclusive booking agent and allow us to rent out your place four weeks schedule through the year, and we will guarantee you earn at least $1,000 the first year. Or pledge six weeks and we guarantee $1,500. Pledge eight weeks and we guarantee $2,000. But we work overtime to send you far more rent.

Q: How long does it take to start renting?

A: Once you give us approval and answers to a few questions, we put your condo information into our world-class software which will then distribute your ads to hundreds of websites. This usually just takes a few days.

Q: Is it possible to arrange a late checkout?

A: Yes, sometimes - Keep in mind housekeepers need all the time between Guests to prepare the property for arrivals. So late checkouts are not always available. Due to scheduling requirements, there is a charge for late checkouts and it is not possible to confirm this availability until 24 hours in advance of departure.

Q: Is it possible to arrange an early checkin?

A: Usually housekeepers need all the time between Guests to prepare the property for arrivals. So early checkins are not always available. In the case where a room was not previously rented, and the cleaners have gotten the clean completed, it may be possible to arrange an early checkin. Because this requires rescheduling, staff time and coordination there is a charge for early checkins. Usually the charge is 1/4 of the daily rate for four hours early and 1/2 the daily rate for 8 hours early. And it is not possible to confirm availability of an early checkin until 24 hours in advance.

Q: Is there a deadline for checkout times?

A: Yes - cleaning rooms, condos, homes and resorts is a big job. It can take hours to make a place spic and span. Housekeepers need to start immediately upon departure. Staying late disrupts the cleaning schedule. Sorry.

Q: Must I donate a week to be in the YourShare Program?

A: No, you do not "give" us week, but instead we just ask you allow us to rent some for you, for which we charge a commission and you receive the rest of the rent.

Q: So what are Vacation Rentals?

A: That's an easy one. Any lodging unit that has a full kitchen & bath, is fully outfitted with linens and towels and usually detached bedrooms is a Vacation Rental Home. These may be apartments, cabins, condos, chalets, houses or villas. In some countries they are called Holiday-lets, Holiday homes, Holiday Villas or Gites (France.)

Q: What is "At The Crest" at Surfcrest Resort?

A: We are an independent website that helps owners rent out their properties. IT is operated by Goldener Inns and Resorts, lodging experts.

Q: What is Goldener Inns & Resorts?

A: Goldener is a network of unique Inns, Resorts and Vacation Rental complexes such as condominium buildings and housing developments. The properties band together for quality, efficiency and marketing. Services are provide by the Vortex Organization. Each company is individually operated and strives to offer industry best practices for Guests and Property Owners.

Q: What is the relationship between "At The Crest" and the Surfcrest Association?

A: Our websites is independent and was the first website that offered online rentals and instant bookings at Surfcrest. Rentals are allowed at Surfcrest and appear on many websites.

Q: When can I pay for Travel Insurance?

A: We recommend you pay for the insurance at the time of reservation, however you can purchase Vacation Rental Insurance anytime prior to or with your final trip payment.

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